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Helping a Friend in Grief

Helping a Friend in Grief

Helping a Friend in Grief

There is a saying- A friend in need is a friend indeed. Nothing can be truer than this. Your true friendship is reciprocated through how you help a friend in his or her hour of need and that is what resembles how good of a human being you are. Not only that, but it also brings out the best of virtues from deep within us. Consoling a grieving friend is one of the many duties that a true friend has to perform and this may definitely not be an easy thing to do. A friend in grief is in need of support and help and this help can only come from a true friend. In fact, how you help your friend out in his time of grief might be what builds the path of a far greater relationship in the future.

A friend has many duties towards his fellows. Not only is he a companion in his good times, but also an obligation to help in his hour of distress. In fact, you would find many friends surrounding you while you have everything, but it is quite hard to find a friend who would help you when you need them the most – when you are in grief. A true friendship is reflected through the help a friend provides to a friend who is in grief. The reason for this grief is not important here. It might be the grief of losing someone whom he loved very much or it may be due to some other loss. But you should never judge and only must do your duty. You must provide moral and other forms of support possible to your grieving friend so that he doesn’t feel alone and you should always encourage him with positive thoughts and courageous words.

A true friend should make the grieving friend realize how important he/she in their life and how much sorrow they are feeling for him/her. By doing this, you would be showing empathy which is a great way to bond with someone. You should also offer your help towards any errands that need to be run that your grief stricken friend is unable to do. Offer your moral support to other relatives and family members and it would help your friend to overcome their grief faster as well. Moreover, you should help him/her in any related works if possible. For example, if the cause of grief is due to the demise of someone, you must help in preparing for the funeral and offer all the help you can to arrange for this. Always try to console him/her and occasionally let him/her be alone for some time if needed. Some alone time is also required to overcome grief as you might know the proverb- time is the greatest healer.

No matter what kind of a friend you are, the help you offer to a friend in grief would help you strengthen your bond more tightly and you would be more than surprised to realize the outcome. When you help a grieving friend, understanding that you have become great friends from being good friends is one of the positive outlooks of this.

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